The Great Australian Bight is no place for risky deepwater drilling. So tell Equinor to BACK OFF.

It was a deepwater drilling rig that spewed millions of litres of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, causing an environmental catastrophe.

And now oil giant Equinor wants to start drilling in the pristine waters of our Bight. If we don’t stop them, the same thing could happen here – putting vulnerable species like the southern right whale, who travel to the Bight to raise their calves, at risk. Not to mention lesser known critters like the leafy sea dragon and sunfish, who both play a vital role keeping this delicate ecosystem alive.

Sign the petition telling Equinor to get out of our Bight now.

Without your help, Equinor could start as soon as next year. Just one spill or leak and the Bight’s entire ecosystem could collapse. Not to mention the loss of income for thousands of Aussie families who rely on the Bight’s tourism and fishing industries.

Sustained pressure from people like you is working. BP and Chevron have pulled out of the region. Now it’s time to tell Equinor – the company responsible for a serious oil well blow-out just a couple of years ago in the North Sea – to get out too. 

Show Big Oil you won’t stand for oil giants putting our pristine coastline at risk. 

Tell Equinor to withdraw its plans to drill in our beautiful Bight.